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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Capitol Annex » Leininger Must See The Writing On The Wall

Capitol Annex picks up on something I wrote about for Burnt Orange Report. I believe that one of the reasons Susan King squeaked out a victory in the GOP primary is because she was the Parent PAC candidate, and Kevin Christian was the recipient of Leinginger money. Moderate Republicans are on the rise. Read the rest of this great piece.

Capitol Annex » Leininger Must See The Writing On The Wall: "Gazillionaire voucher pimp James Leininger won’t push for vouchers during the special, and he’s going to cut back on his spending this fall in the general election, the Dallas Morning News tells us.

“It doesn’t’ make sense to me to take any chance of harming the effort to comply with the Supreme Court’s order by bringing up something that’s controversial,” he said.

Hummmmmm…..That’s not really very Leininger. Usually, he’ll take any chance he can get. This leads me to believe that God’s Sugar Daddy has, in fact, seen the writing on the wall and may be lowering his profile at the request of some within the Republican Party of Texas."


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